Junk Removal

Junk Removal

At Rent A Mover we do more than just move peoples belongings from point A to point B.

Lets face it, anyone can haul away junk but not everyone can do it responsibly. Many individuals and even some companies illegally dump thousands of tons of waste every single day which leads to increased financial burden for the rest of us not to mention the negative impact on the environment.

At Rent A Mover we believe in adopting green practices which means we reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible.

Most of our junk removal jobs fall into one of two categories: furniture removal or foreclosure cleanouts. As we progress through these jobs we separate all items into several groups based on their condition. Items that are in good condition will either be resold or donated, all metals will be sold for scrap and recycled and all plastics, paper and cardboard will be recycle as well. This tried and true method reduces the waste footprint by 30%-60%.

In addition to running a green operation we also have some of the best prices in town when it comes to Raleigh Removal companies. We have a truck dedicated strictly to junk removal and we keep them on the road until all items are sorted accordingly. Once we have removed everything that is salvageable the rest is transported to the landfill. Our disciplined process allows us to maximize our resources and make less trips to the landfill which means we spend less on dump fees which ultimately leads to lower prices for the customer.

We Remove the Following:

  • Furniture Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Exercise Equipment Removal
  • Trash
  • Foreclosure Cleanouts
  • Basement Cleanouts
  • Garage Cleanouts
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Evictions
  • Mattress Removal
  • TV Removal
  • Construction Debris
  • Wood
  • Metal Scrap